b'PlaormInterchangeableGear(PIG)Pack(JBCPPMSOSTD)NSN:6545016030032PartNumber:1010The"PlaormInterchangeableGear"(PIG)packisauniqueandversalemulpurposepackdesignedtomeetthespecicmissionrequirementsandpersonal preferences of the user.Comprising two separate packs mounted on a base, the PIG pack can be congured in mulple ways for maximum funconality and convenience.The base of the pack can be carried using a single strap that slings across the chest, allowing the user to quickly access the pack from the front, or with two straps for a convenonalbackpackstyle.Thetwopackscanbemountedinavarietyof conguraonstoprovideaddionalspaceforequipmentortosuittheuser\'s preferences.A smaller medical pack containing essenal trauma supplies aaches to thefrontofthepack forimmediateaccess.ThePIGPackisequippedwithtwo internal lights, which are part of JBC\'s exclusive Pack Lighng System.This system is NVGfriendly and does not interfere with the user\'s night vision.The shoulder straps and sling are ed with "Raptor" aluminum siderelease buckles, making them easy to use and adjust.The pack is designed to be userfriendly, with all contents visible and labeled for easy idencaon. Each pack is ed with six removable pouches, allowing mulple medics to work from one pack. With its versale design and intuive features, the PIG pack is an essenal tool for rst responders, military personnel, and anyone who needs quick and easy access to crical equipment in any situaon. FRONTPOUCH SLINGCARRYCapabilies: Bleeding and Hemorrhage Control Basic Wound Management Basic Orthopedic ManagementREMOVABLEBasic and Intermediate Airway RecoveryINTERNALPOUCHESHypothermia Treatment/Protecon Burn Care Vital Signs Assessment EXCLUSIVEPACKLIGHTINGSYSTEM5'