b"JBCFlatFoldFieldTape PartNumber:0103003Field Tape! JBC FlatFold Field Tape is repackaged Gorilla Tape.This tape's toughness surpasses ordinary tapes.Made with double thick adhesive, strong reinforced backing, and a tough allweather shell.This highperformance tape is ideal for outdoor and military use.More durable than standard duct tape, can be used in a wider variety of tasks, and under more dicult condions.The atfold conguraon is easier to peel and use than the small roll tapes, and can be slipped into almost any pack or bag. Features and Benets:Double Thick Adhesive Surface1.88 Wide x 108 LongFlat Package Dimensions: 2 x5.25Easy Open Packaging TestedStrengthandDurabilitySturdiness: Dumbbellswerestackedonatapeslingunlitsnapped.It took 85 pounds to break the Gorilla's back. Yet it sll tore easily by hand, making for easy applicaon. Sckiness: Abundleoffour12gaugewiresstuckagainstdrywallforaweek. The tape held its wires in place for a weekthen showed o by pinning a 3pound dumbbell to the wall for a few more days. WaterResistance: Abundleoftapewrappedpipesweresubmergedinwaterforaweek.Overall sckiness was not compromised by a week in water. 25"