b'MedicalAssaultKitv3Cw/CAT(JBCMAK03C)PartNumber:1013CThe Medical Assault Kit v3C (MAK03C) is a cungedge rst aid kit designed to provide essenal medical supplies to modern Warghters.Our latest version features a large Abdominal/Stump Bandage, making it one of the most versale Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) on the market.The Abdominal/Stump Bandage is a key component of the MAK03C, as it can eecvely address a wide range of injuries, including abdominal evisceraons, amputaons, burns, and large paern wounds.This makes the MAK03C an ideal choice for those operang in highrisk environments.The MAK03C can be conveniently worn on the leg, aached to a belt, an assault vest, or body armor using the MOLLE aachment system. The kit is made of 1000 Denier Cordura, which provides exceponal durability with internal seams that are bound and lock stched. For added exibility, the belt and leg aachment straps can be easily removed and reaached as needed. 1'