b'RecompressionChamberEmergencyKit(JBCCEK03)PartNumber:2019TheRecompressionChamberEmergencyKitisdesignedtomeetthelatest standards and requirements outlined in the U.S. Navy Diving Manual Revision 7A. The Primary Kit is securely stored in a hard case unl needed, and can be carried into the chamber by the aending Medic. It is assembled in a compact so case and includes all the necessary diagnosc and emergency equipment for immediate paent evaluaon and treatment.The Secondary Kit contains essenal emergency airway equipment, intravenous infusion therapy equipment, a minor surgical kit, and miscellaneous supplies. All products are stored in clear, colorcoded, labeled, and resealable vinyl bags, which can be easily passed through the chamber medlock.To ensure easy transport and durability, this kit is assembled in the reliable JBC Grab & Go case system with wheels and an extendable handle. Capabilies: Basic Wound Management Diagnosc and Paent Evaluaon Emergency Airway Treatment Intravenous Infusion Therapy Minor Surgical Treatment Vital Signs Assessment 14'