b'TraumaManikinTrainingAssembly(CrashKelly) (JBCUHM03)PartNumber:4045CrashKellyisanexceponaltrainingmanikindesignedtowithstandrigorousand demanding training scenarios. With its rugged construcon, it can endure frequent and repeated use without compromising its quality.One of the standout features of Crash Kelly is its intubaon head, which allows for advanced airway management training. The manikin\'s realisc arculaon also makes it highly versale, as it can be placed in various sengs for extricaon or rescue training. SpecialFeaturesinclude: Intubaon Head with improved airway allows for inseron of standard airway devices with the addion of LMA, Combitube and the King LTHead can be lted forward, backward or rotated 90 degrees to either sideRight mainstream intubaonOropharyngeal and Nasopharyngeal airway inseronBag valve mask venlaonStomach auscultaon to verify proper airway posioningManually generated carod pulseArculated body for full range of moonHeight is 5\'5" (162.5cm) AdvancedTraumaModuleSetinterchangeswithblankmodules.ItemsIncluded: Trauma HeadIndustrial Hand with ForearmContused Ankle and Foot (Le Leg)Crushed Foot with Amputaon of the Small Toe (Right Foot)Projecle Entry/Exit Wounds (Set of Four)Open Fracture Radius Seat Belt ContusionExposed VisceraImpaled ObjectOpen Fracture FemurClosed Fracture Tibia & Fibula (Right Leg)Crushed foot21'