b'JBCWearableWoundMoulageKit(JBCWMK01)PartNumber:4046TRAUMA WOUNDS DESIGNED FOR HARSH USE IN TRAUMA TRAININGWearableWoundsThese highquality wound simulaons are designed to be as realisc as possible, including their weight and the degree of bleeding.With their threedimensional appearance, you can pracce actual medical intervenons while developing muscle memory.Themoulagesuppliesareversale,mulpleusewoundsimulaonsthatcanbe strapped on or wrapped around the paent or manikin. They are also suitable for use with live actors, allowing for realisc and immersive training scenarios.This kit includes Blood Supply Bags for each wound, ensuring that the bleeding eect remains consistent throughout the training session. Moreover, the kit comes with Fake Blood Powder, a completely stainfree powder that can be used to simulate various blood eects such as scars, wounds, drips, stains, and cuts. The powder can be mixed with water to achieve the desired thickness and consistency, and it can be easily cleaned with soap and water. AmputatedArm ThighLaceraonBloodPowderBloodSupplyBagLaceratedBrokenJaw AmputatedLegBlastFaceEvisceraonCalfAvulsionSafely stored in a JBC Grab & Gocase, protected in any environment.CompoundFracture22'