b'FleetForcesDentalKit(JBCDENTFF)NSN:6545016163329PartNumber:2014TheJBCIndependentDutyCorpsmanandMedicalTechnicianDentalKitisa comprehensiveandmeculouslyorganizedsoluondesignedfordental emergenciesintheeldandmeetstheshipboardADALrequirements.The compactInstrumentPouchisconstructedofrugged500DenierCorduraand features a double zipper design that opens at to provide easy access to ve panels containing specialized instruments handselected by Navy Dental Professionals. The instruments are thoughully stored in clear, welllabeled vinyl pockets to enable quick idencaon and retrieval.This versale kit is intended for use onboard vessels and aid staons when a denst is not available.It contains all the necessary instruments and supplies to perform exams, cleanings, operave procedures, oral surgery, and postoperave care.Addionally, the kit includes essenal supplies required for independent dental care.The Kit is housed in a durable Grab & Go case, making it easy to transport and store.Its robust construcon ensures that it can withstand the rigors of eld use and remain organized and accessible when needed. With this kit, Independent Duty Corpsman and Medical Technicians can provide reliable and ecient dental care in any seng. Capabilies: Dental Exams Teeth Cleaning Oral Surgery Dental Operave PostOp Treatment 10'