b'Vehicle/BoatBag (JBCVBBAPLS02)NSN:6545016030028PartNumber:1018AThe Original Vehicle/Boat Bag is an allinone, versale medical assembly that is ideal for providing immediate and eecve care in mulcasualty situaons.Whether mountedorportable,thistraumabagisdesignedtoaccommodatetheusers preferences and deliver the essenal products required for trauma care.The rugged exteriorofthebagisconstructedfrom1000DenierCordura,ensuringmaximum durability and resistance to abrasions, tears, scus and uid penetraon.To increase funconality, the bag features two outer pockets that are ed with waterresistant zippers for addional storage.The interior of the bag is thoughully designed with six moveable parons, which provide ample space for customizaon and organizaon. Keeping contents neat and secured is the aached mesh retaining panel.Aaching the bag to a xed stanchion or object is easy, thanks to the supplied Velcro straps and sturdy mounng plate with grommets.The mounng plate is made from a sturdy 1/4 plate covered with Cordura nylon and Velcro, and two large side release clips provide addional security for the bag. Capabilies: Bleeding and Hemorrhage Control Basic Wound Management Basic and Intermediate Airway RecoveryMOUNTINGPLATEBurn Care Vital Signs Assessment 8'