b"EmergencyOxygenKit(JBCEOK02)PartNumber:2015This Oxygen Kit comes in a sturdy JBC Grab & Go case system that's easy to transport.Thecaseisedwithwheelsandextendablehandle.Thekitincludesremovable cylinder carriers that can hold a Standard D or Jumbo D aluminum cylinder, or an equivalentsizedcarbonbercylinder,andcanbecarriedovertheshoulder.The contentsareorganizedandprotectedbyacustomclosedcellfoamliner.Thelid features clear pouches that can store oxygen masks, tubing, and other supplies. These pouches are made of a durable, nonyellowing vinyl material that allows you to easily idenfy their contents. The kit includes both mechanical and manual aspirang/sucon devices, as well as associated equipment. Plus, it comes with JBC Corp's exclusive case lighng system, which is NVG friendly and won't interfere with your night vision. 12"