b'StealthMedicPack(JBCSMP01)PartNumber:10114The JBC Stealth Medic Pack is the ulmate soluon for discreet medical preparedness.In bustling public spaces, discreon is key.Our Stealth Medic Pack oers the perfect blend of subtlety and funconality.Craed with a minimalist nylon design and plaincoloredtaccalexterior,itensuresyoublendseamlesslyintoyoursurroundings, without aracng unwanted aenon.Designed for versality and agility, this lightweight pack boasts a lowprole silhouee and is designed for easy access to crical medical equipment. Inside the pack are four transparent vinyl pouches meculously packed with essenal medical supplies, PALS webbing for aaching MOLLE components and ample space and compartments for addional medical and nonmedical gear.The pouches can be easily removed and handed to assisng personnel, ensuring swi and eecve response in emergency situaons.The Stealth Medic Pack provides experienced personnel with the equipment and tools needed to perform advanced rst aid and lifesaving procedures. 7'