b"MarineFirstAidKit(JBCMFA01)PartNumber:5022This Marine First Aid Kit is specically designed for use in watercra during coastal cruising and patrolling. This kit is fully stocked with all the supplies necessary to provide minor trauma and basic rst aid care in a remote seng. It is carefully curated to address the unique challenges of providing medical care in a marine environment.To ensure that all supplies are safely stored and protected in any environment, this kit comes in a durable JBC Grab & Go case. This case is designed to withstand the rigors of marine environments and keep your supplies secure and organized. Whether you're out at sea or anchored in a remote locaon, you can rely on the JBC Marine First Aid Kit to provide you with the necessary supplies to address most medical emergencies. Capabilies: Bleeding and Hemorrhage Control Basic Wound Management Sick Call Management OTC Medicaon Hypothermia Treatment/Protecon Burn Care Vital Signs Assessment15"