b"DBFBelt TheDBFBelthasbeenredesigned with the Raptor belt buckle.These bucklesareheavyduty,extra strengthquickreleasebuckleswith an improved adjuster bar that allows easierbeltsizeadjustments.ManufacturedintheUSAfrom Lightweight 7075 Aluminum. A ThermoLuminescent Dosimeter, or TLD, is a type of radiaon dosimeter. A TLD measuresionizingradiaonexposurebymeasuringtheintensityofvisiblelight emied from a crystal in the detector when the crystal is heated.The TLD or badge detectstheexposureofapersontoxrays,gammaradiaon,neutronandbeta parcles. Personnel who are exposed to radiaon as part of their occupaon must be provided with an appropriate and approved TLD.Presently there are a variety of dosimeters in use in the eld. A large majority of these devices are worn on the trouser belt.In many professions, workers are oen required to operate in highly restricted spaces. However, in such situaons, there have been instances where the belt buckle inadvertently comes undone and the monitoring device falls o without thewearer'sawareness.Thisunfortunateoccurrencerequiresaconsiderable amount of me to document the loss of the device and necessitates removing the employeefromtheirworkunltheyareclearedtoreturn.TheDBFBelt,isa Riggers style belt that is ed with a nylon loop and metal hook that is designed to securely x the TLD in place, signicantly reducing the chances of TLD loss. Specicaons:Item: DBFBelt (Coyote) Part#: 1 201005 Item: DBF Belt (Black) Part#: 1201006 26"