b'JBCTBanCompressionBandageThe Newest Revelation in Compression Bandages! The JBC Corp TBan simplies rapid and eecve control of life threatening bleeding! A simple to use andhighly eecve compression bandage.The TBanapplies dynamic circumferenal compression with nonlatex elasc material and nonslip gripper stripes along the enre length of the compression bandage.HalfInchNonLatexGripperStripsDoubleEndedPolymerHookThe gripper material enables the TBan to stay in place, keep constant pressure and will reduce migraon or slipping with wet hands or odd shaped anatomical structures such as the head and shoulder regions.TBAN (P/N: 2002009)TBAN MINI (P/N: 2002028)54DynamicElascWrap32DynamicElascWrap 4x7NonAdherentPad4x7NonAdherentPad Dimensions4x61/2x1/2Dimensions4x31/2x1/2TBAN XL (P/N: 2002029)64DynamicElascWrap 10x10NonAdherentPad Dimensions5x4x124'