b'MedicusTraumaBag(JBCMB01)PartNumber:8119The Medicus is a highly adaptable MulMission Trauma Pack that is designed to meet theuniqueneedsofanymission.Thispackisequippedwithamultudeof organizaonal features and can be easily customized to suit individual preferences and requirements.TheMedicusisexpertlycraedulizingFirstSpears6/12and6/9 technology,whichseamlesslyintegrateswithMOLLE/PALSsystems.Itcomesfully stocked with a comprehensive selecon of medical supplies that allow for sustained treatmentofmulplecasualesoveranextendedperiod.Addionally,thepack includes mulple modular aachments, allowing the user to congure the pack in a varietyofways.Thisfeatureenablestheusertoquicklyaccessessenalmedical supplies, while also providing ample space to carry addional equipment specic to the missionathand.TheMedicusisdesignedwiththeuserinmind,incorporang features such as a comfortable shoulder strap system and a durable, waterresistant exterior. The interior of the pack is thoughully organized, with clear pouches to easily idenfymedicalsupplies,allowingforecientandeecvetreatmentinhighpressure situaons. The Medicus consists of four dierent systems: 1)The top of the bag is a small removable pouch capable of carrying most of your medical administraon and auxiliary supplies. 2)Therearcompartmentofthemainpackcanstorelaptop/notepadandyourhydraon bladder, with an opening for power or communicaon cables, and drinking tube. 3)Themaincompartmentcanbequicklyaccessedfromeithersideorfullyopened,and containssevenremovablesupplypouches.Thiscompartmentcanalsobecompletely detached from the top and boom pouches and hung from two sturdy D Rings.4)The boom compartment has a dual purpose, the waist strap for comfort and load bearing on the hips, and can be zipped o and worn as a Waist Trauma Pack trauma for immediate taccal care.6'