b'IntravenousAdministraonTrainingKit(JBCIVA03)PartNumber:4044This venipuncture and injecon demonstraon kit features two realisc arms made from so material, complete with lifelike veins that are visible and palpable on the skin surface. Unlike other models, there is no internal tubing, which eliminates the need for blood and prevents any mess or leaking. This makes it ideal for praccing venipuncture when uid return is not necessary and for allied IV demonstraons and pracce, such as exion, cleaning, and taping. In addion, the deltoid region of the armcanbeusedforpraccingintramuscularinjecons.Theskinandfoam underlyingthearmscanbecutforsuturingpracce,providingacomprehensive training experience. Moreover, this lightweight pracce arm feels more lifelike than heavier models on the market and is easier to transport for demonstraons.For added convenience, the kit comes with a durable JBC Grab & Go case, ensuring that all your supplies are safely stored and protected in any environment. Contents:(100)Gauze, Sterile, 2" x 2", (1 Pk) (200)Pads, Alcohol Prep (100)Catheter, IV Suro, 18g x 1.25" (25)IV Administraon Set, Standard, 10 Drops/ml (25)IV Catheter Extension Set (50)IV Start Tourniquet, Latex Free, 18" x 1" (25)PreFilled Saline Flush Syringe (2.5 ml) (6)Tape, Surgical, Micropore, 1" x 10yd (2)IV Demonstraon Arm, Life/Form (1)JBC Grab & Go Case, GG36146 19'