b"FieldTraumaPackwithOxygen(JBCHMATPO01)PartNumber:5517This sleek and versale pack is designed to meet the specic needs of the user's missionandloadoutrequirements.Thepackisconstructedwithhighquality materialsandfeaturesremovableclearpouchesforstoringcricalcaresupplies such as oxygen masks, tubing, and surgical instruments.The pouches are made of durable,nonyellowingvinylthatallowsforeasyidencaonofthecontents.Addionally, the pack has a large zippered pocket incorporated into the ap, perfect for storing larger items like splints and cervical collars.Comfort and convenience were also top priories in the design of this pack.It features padded handles on the top and side, allowing for easy transport suitcasestyle.The concealed shoulder straps can be tucked away when not needed, and are comfortable and supporve when in use.The pack is compact and lowprole, making it ideal for use in ght spaces.Overall, the Field Trauma Pack is a reliable and versale opon for medical professionals on the go. Capabilies: Bleeding and Hemorrhage Control Basic Wound Management Basic and Intermediate Airway Recovery Oxygen Supply Vital Signs Assessment Minor Field Surgery 11"