b'IndividualVacuumSealedMedicalKitsOurIndividualBlowoutKitsaretailoredtomeetthespecicneedsandmission requirementsoftheuser.Thesekitsaredesignedtoprovideessenalmedical supplies for stabilizing paents with minor to severe lifethreatening injuries, allowing enough me for transportaon to a trauma facility or other medical treatment area withadvancedlifesavingtoolsandtechniques.Thesekitsarecompactand lightweight, making them easy to carry and store.They can be conveniently placed in cargo pockets or vests for quick and easy access.Addionally, we oer a specially designed pouch that allows for easy mounng on a MOLLE plaorm or belt for added versality and accessibility.Each kit is carefully assembled with the highest quality medicalsuppliesandequipment,includingitemssuchastourniquets,wound dressings, hemostac agents, and airway management devices. We ensure that every component of the kit is uptodate and meets industry standards to guarantee the best possible outcomes for paents. We congure your kit to meet your needs! 2'