b'EmergencyObstetricalKit(JBCEOB01)PartNumber:1601The Emergency Obstetrical Kit (O.B. Kit) is an essenal tool for managing emergency childbirthsituaons.Thiscomprehensivekitcontainsallthenecessaryitems required for a prehospital delivery, making it an ideal choice for midwives, rst responders, and overdue pregnancies. The compact size of the O.B. Kit also makes it anexcellentoponforuseinconnedspacessuchastaxicabsandpublic transportaon.TheEmergencyO.B.Kitisamusthaveinanyemergency preparedness plan.Its compact size, comprehensive contents, and ease of use make itavaluableresourceformanagingemergencychildbirthsituaons,potenally saving lives and ensuring posive outcomes for both mother and baby. CONTENTS(1) Pair Sterile Disposable Gloves(2) SterileUmbilical Clamps(1) Receiving Blanket (1) Disposable Apron(1) Disposable #22 Scalpel(1) Infant Head Warmer (1) Procedure Underpad(1) Sterile Bulb Syringe(1) Placenta Bag, 10 x 13 (1) Exam Drape, 48 x 40(3) Disposable Towels(1) Trash Bag, 15 x 18 (4) BZK OB Wipes(1) OB Maternity Pad(1) Pencil (6) Sterile Gauze Sponges(1) Newborn Diaper(1) APGAR Score Card 18'