b'CPRTrainingKit(JBCCPR02)PartNumber:4043The CPR manikin is craed from highquality materials to provide a lifelike training experience. The vinyl plasc covering over the polyurethane foam mimics human skin texture and feel. The manikin features a long torso that enables trainees to pracce realisc abdominal thrusts. The head can be lted and lied to simulate opening the airway,andtheanatomicallandmarks,includingthesternumandribcage,oer realiscsimulaonofchestcompressions.Tofurtherenhancethetraining experience, the airway can be easily manipulated to simulate airway obstrucon or choking situaons. Addionally, the manikin comes with three disposable/lung airway systems and three channel design mouth/nosepieces. A nylon carry bag and kneeling pads are also included to facilitate easy transport and comfortable training sessions. The manikin measures 28" x 18" x 10", making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor training scenarios.For added convenience, the manikin comes with a durable JBC Grab & Go case that ensures all supplies are safely stored and protected in any environment. This allows for easy organizaon and transportaon of the manikin and its accessories, making it an excellent choice for CPR instructors and training facilies. DisposableAirways ManikinFaceShields DisinfectantSurfaceWipesContents:(2)Manikin, Airway(4)Airway, Manikin Disposable, (24 Count) (4)Manikin Face Shields,(CPR Mask) (36 pk) (100)Wipes, BZK Ansepc (1)Disinfectant, Surface, Wipes, 150 ct BZKAnsepcWipes (1)JBC Grab & Go Case 20'