b'SUBFORFirstAidBoxRellKit(JBCFAB02)PartNumber:3015The SUBFOR First Aid Box Rell Kit is meculously craed to comply with the exacng specicaons of the Submarine Forces AMAL (0927) mounted First Aid Box. This comprehensive kit is equipped with a carefully curated selecon of lifesaving supplies that are essenal for addressing the two primary causes of death in casualty situaonssevere hemorrhage and inadequate airway.By providing the necessary tools to manage these crical issues, this First Aid Box Rell Kit enables rst responders to provide rapid, eecve care when every second counts.The Kit is designed with convenience in mind. Each kit is packed in clear, ultradurable "LoKSak" vinyl bags that allow the aid provider to quickly Grab & Go with all the necessary supplies. This eliminates the need for the provider to return repeatedly to theboxtocollectaddionalsupplies,enablingamoreecientresponseto emergencies.Thecompactandportablenatureofeachkitmeansthatasingle provider can easily gather all the required supplies from the box. Furthermore, each Rell Kit contains onethird of the AMAL requirements, with three kits necessary for a complete AMAL. This modular design allows for exibility in stocking and ensures that the right supplies are available in the right quanes when needed. We\'ve included Tamper Seals on each bag in the assembly with addional Seals in each kit to replace broken seals.We\'ve also included a Content Tracking Card with each kit to eecvely track product expiraon dates. 16'