b"SlimLineCombatLifeSaver(CLS)(JBCSL/CLS01)PartNumber:1040TheSlimLineCombatLifesaver(CLS)packisanessenalpieceofequipmentfor personnel trained to provide advanced rst aid and lifesaving procedures beyond the level of selfaid or buddy aid.This purposebuilt pack is designed to be worn around the waist, providing easy access to crical lifesaving medical supplies in a lightweight, streamlined package.The pack incorporates FirstSpears innovave 6/12 technology, makingitcompablewithMOLLEsystemsonthefrontofthepack.Thedesign features belt wing pockets that are easily accessible and provide secure storage for tourniquets and other essenal medical supplies.The doubleadjustable waist strap is comfortable and easy to secure with a siderelease buckle, ensuring a customized and snug t for the wearer.The pack's compact size and lightweight construcon allow for easy movement in highstress situaons, while its purposebuilt design ensures that all necessary medical supplies are easily accessible when needed.Whether operang in highrisk environments or responding to emergency situaons, the SlimLine Combat Lifesaver pack is an essenal tool for those who require advanced medical capabilies in the eld.Capabilies: Bleeding and Hemorrhage Control Basic Wound Management Basic and Intermediate Airway Recovery IV Administraon 3"